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The English Countryside

The Suffolk County

A county just over two hours ride by bus from London, Suffolk has survived the progress of time unscathed and it is a place of solace for those caught up in the fumes of the industrial cities.

From the dynamic coastal sunrises to the ancient architectures and its colorful houses, animals grazing in sunny pastures and the merry atmosphere of the kind hearted people, Hymas shows us the quintessent beauty of this English countryside.

"The splendor of these villages and towns is their breathtaking reminder of the past--still healthily existing in the present, as if time has stood still and you are caught in a perplexing time slip. When photographing these age-old villages--it really does feel that you have cheated time and are witnessing another era. "(from the English Countryside by Johnny Hymas)@@


All color 120 pages


2,600 Yen

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