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(Cherry Blossoms and poems)

Cherry blossom or "Sakura" as is called with a venerance in Japan is the symbol of the spirit of the country whose passing but magnificent beauty forever capture the hearts of all ages. A photographic collection of photographs and poems of cherry trees.

Text in Japanese

The cherry tree in full bloom is a grandeour that surpasses all the flowering cadences of spring and the melancholic but beautiful last moments of falling petals capture the hearts of all. Johnny Hymas makes an everlasting impression in our minds not just of the blossoms in full bloom but the sakura in its multifaceted beauty that almost calls for her own set of four seasons within the season of spring. He has ingeiously made that captivating yet fleeting moment stand still when the blossoms of sakura trees engulf every corner of Japan. Open the book where the season of cherry blossom awaits you. . .


Gakken Publishing

All colour 102 pages

Price 3600 Yen

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